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We Host, Deploy and Develop Web Applications

We host, deploy and develop fast, secure, and powerful Internet (web-based/website) applications, written “selectively” in HTML, XHTML, HTML5, ASP (vbScript/jScript), ASP.NET (VB.NET/C#), PHP, PERL and JavaScript.

We use several versions of the Microsoft Windows(r) Server Operating System, and many flavors of the Linux Operating System, (Fedora, Red Hot, CentOS, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu, Sangoma).

We empower all of our hosted sites with fast-world recognized databases (MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, etc.).

We provide colocation services, (dedicated servers), domain name registration and postmaster (email/postoffice) services.

We serve individuals and all sized corporations all over the world.

1. Select a Web Hosting Plan for your site

Select a “Web Hosting Plan” to create a “Web Hosting Service Account” and start your “Web Hosting Service” immediatelly. We offer you the right mix of servers, features, plans, and prices!!. MyWebHosting.XYZ is a competitive and powerful Web Hosting Service for all your web (Internet) projects.


2. Obtain a “domain name” for your site

Once you have created an acount with us, you can easily find a domain name that better represents your business! or one that matches your goals and intentions (“Ex: MyDomainName.Com”).

Alternatively, you can also run your website “without a domain name”. This could be a website that runs as a subdomain of MyWebHosting.XYZ ( Ex: http://MyWebHosting.XYZ/[YourWebSiteName] ). Where [YourWebSiteName] will be replaced by the site name you desire.


3. Upload your website at anytime

Upload your website or choose one from a list of thousands of professionally designed sites ready to use!

Using any FTP client (Ex: FileZilla available at: Windows | Linux ), you can upload any PHP, ASP, ASP.NET or JavaScript application. Use WordPress themes and plugins, or ASP.NET NuGet packages, and jump-start your website in minutes.

WordPress themes/plugins and .NET NuGet packages makes it easy for you to install and update free libraries and tools right out the box.

Learn more about WordPress or NuGet packages and make your choice when ready.


 Start your corporate presence in the Internet today!
Our service provides you with all the necessary tools to create a domain name, upload your web site, or transfer an existing site from any registrar in the world.

Web Hosting Starts at:
Only $14.95/mo

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Professionally designed shopping carts. Fully configurable via control panel. Change colors, backgrounds, text, images, messages, and language. Choose from our sample templates, see:
Your Online Store will be up and running in no time.

Shopping Carts Start at:
Only $99.95/mo

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Are you tired of risking your company secrets and/or your private life in a public environment?

Secure your privacy with a commercial
email account. We provide several Email Services that makes sense.


 Postmaster Services Start at:
Only $5.00/mo

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.com .net .org .biz .info
Ex: YourOwnDomainName.com

Just choose your own domain name for business or personal use, choose from many possibilities: .com .net .org .tv .ws and more.

Domain Names Start at:
Only $19.95/year

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Would you like to act as our Certified Reseller in the city or country you reside now?

In an effort to better serve our customers worldwide, we want to
expand our distribution network growing our business with other
successful partners all over the world. We are constantly looking for special individuals in the USA and other regions of the world to act as
our “Certified Reseller”.