This application builds Electronic Internet Dictionaries with e-mail addresses included.

DAPROSE Tarantula no longer consumes a Web service, it only grabs and extracts what it needs .

A “must have” for the modern business.

Our “TARANTULA” builds a text based prospective customer database in seconds!  You have never seen a product like this before!  This is the fastest “Internet Encyclopedia Builder” in the world.

Tarantula requires at least one domain name to work with, or -if you wish-, you can supply the Tarantula with a complete list of domain names to process, and it creates a complete Electronic Dictionary of all the Web sites supplied, in no time!
With our Tarantula you can build your own Electronic Yellow Pages, (your Electronic Encyclopedia), … in just a snap!
Your new dictionary will contain:

  1. Full Domain Names
  2. Meta Descriptions
  3. Search Keywords; and
  4. Email Addresses

Just write a list of URLs, (one per line), in any plain ASCII text file, and give it to the Tarantula.
You may also want to take a pick at some other applications which obtain lists of common URLs according to some specific criteria’s. For example: see our Local Search for Windows, and our eMailGrabber for Windows.
The list of domain names you provide, (URLs), instructs the Tarantula to crawl those web sites to obtain domain descriptions, keywords, and contact (e-mail) information; it will store all that information in a plain ASCII text file that you can open in any text editor, or you can import it into a database management system for further analysis, maintenance, and/or manipulation.

The Tarantula works well with any other URL grabbers in the market, or you can write a list of domain names by hand. One by one. The information obtained is written to an ASCII text file, ready for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, a text editor, or any database management system. Using Excel for example, you can view all the information in a practical tabular view.

You can also use our eMailExtractor utility, to extract only email addresses. And use our eMailFixer to obtain unique email addresses from the output produced by the eMailExtractor. These utilities are provided free of charge to our customers.
Tarantula was built upon a very fast web request/response engine tested many years to make this application the best tool ever produced by DAPROSE. We have experimented with up to 10 Tarantulas running at the same time, all working together, producing tenth’s of thousands of extracts in a few hours. This is a great utility to build your very own search engine data for your own business Web site.
With over 25 years of experience developing these type of applications, DAPROSE has made the Tarantula one of the fastest “Web Service Consumer” in the world. Plainly, it is the smartest of all the Internet Crawler Systems ever built to date. Just see it … to believe it!
We have tested dozens, if not hundredths of commercial applications in the market, to come up with a solution that you will hardly see in any other application. Speed, reliability, common sense, and tons of experience, all of them built into your new Tarantula application. Use it for your own benefit, and the benefit of your business!
To purchase a license to use this product, please contact us.