Schedule a command to run in the near future (calls the AT command)

SOON [\computername] delay [/interactive] "command" SOON /i:[on|off]

delay : When the command should run, in SECONDS from now.

/interactive : Allows any user to see the job as it runs,
this allows testing and monitoring of the
You can specify /interactive as just /i

computername : the UNC name of a remote machine
/i:on : Make /interactive the default behaviour
use SOON /i:off to restore normal behaviourSOON schedules jobs to run at a time relative to the current time in "seconds from now"
It is otherwise identical to the AT command but saves calculating an exact start time.

As with all AT jobs you should test your SOON scripts by using the /INTERACTIVE option to be sure that they:

Start at the expected time

Execute the correct commands (specify a full pathname)

Finish and close successfully.
This command will work with both the NT 4 "Schedule" service (ATSVC) or with the "Task Scheduler" service in more recent versions of Windows.