DAPROSE Smart Business Directory – (SBD)
Our Smart Business Directory is a S.I.C. (Standard Industrial Classification System) list of about 20 million businesses in the USA, you can access this directory via our SBD Subscription Service, or you can buy any list from our Mailing List Distribution System as needed.

Basic fields:

  1. Company name,
  2. Owner’s name or person in charge
  3. Gender
  4. Postal address,
  5. City,
  6. County,
  7. State,
  8. Zip Code,
  9. Phone number (where available),
  10. Fax number (where available),
  11. SIC

Extended fields (optional):

(available for an additional fee)

  1. Web sites address (where available)
  2. Email address (where available)

Our data is provided to you as a “comma delimited” CSV formatted file that you can import in Excel or any database management system capable of importing text or CSV formatted files. (Most if not all databases have this capability already).