List or edit a file share or print share (on any computer)

Although missing from recent Resource Kits, this VBS script does still work under 2K/XP. The preferred method for creating shares is the RMTShare command, which can also grant permissions.

List Shares
Share.vbs /L [/S ] [/U ] [/W ] [/O ]
Create a Share Share.vbs /C /N /P [/T ] [/V ] [/S ] [/U ] [/W ] [/O ]
Delete a Share Share.vbs /D /N [/S ] [/U ] [/W ] [/O ]

/L List /C Create /D Delete
/N name Name of the share to be created or deleted. /P path Path of the share to be created. /v description A description for the share. /T type Type of the share to be created. (Disk, Printer, IPC or Special) /S server A machine name. /U username The current user&qt;&qt;s name. /W password Password of the current user. /O outputfile Output file name.Examples:

List the shares on the machine \Frodo

cscript Share.vbs /L /s Frodo

Create a file share called "scratch" on the local machine:

cscript Share.vbs /c /n scratch /p "c:my shared files" /t Disk /v "project files"

Delete the share named "scratch" on the machine \Frodo

cscript Share.vbs /d /n scratch /s Frodo