This website allows tou to create “domainless websites only“. That is, your website name will be part of the DAPROSE.NET name, for example:

If what you need is a fully independent domain name site, (example:, than visit: MyWebHosting.XYZ instead.

In order to create and publish any website in this “Web Hosting Service” called «DAPROSE.NET», you must be a registered, verified, scrutinized, acclaimed, known, verified and well groomed member.  The reasons are multiple, in this time in which we live, full of hackers and rogue people, fraudulent evil thieves, storytellers like none, and other people who are stupid, most if not all without honor, without glory and without any ethics.  Surely they must be smart-psychopathics of the 21st Century, Correa’s birds of prey, all of them suckers like their repudiated leaders, people who aren’t even worth having as clients; much worse as friends. So, … there is no other option but to verify very well all of the new website administrators, and that is because these people will be publishing in our website.

And then, we will have to pray to heaven that they don’t come out with some bullshit anytime in the future.

Publishing websites, whether for business, opinions or entertainment, requires that their owners be serious, honorable people who fulfill what they promise and support everything they offer.  We seek individuals that do their business seriously and that  do not steal nor cheat their customers and visitors.

BBB Code of Online Business Practices

Five basic principles drive the BBB Code of Online Business Practices:

  1. Truthful and Accurate Communications: Online advertisers should not engage in deceptive or misleading practices with regard to any aspect of electronic commerce, including advertising, marketing, or in their use of technology.
  2. Disclosure: Online merchants should disclose to their customers and prospective customers information about the business, the goods or services available for purchase online, and the transaction itself.
  3. Information Practices and Security: Online advertisers should adopt information practices that treat customers’ personal information with care. They should post and adhere to a privacy policy based on fair information principles, take appropriate measures to provide adequate security, and respect consumers’ preferences regarding unsolicited email.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Online merchants should seek to ensure their customers are satisfied by honoring their representations, answering questions, and resolving customer complaints and disputes in a timely and responsive manner.
  5. Protecting Children: If online advertisers target children under the age of 13, they should take special care to protect them by recognizing children’s developing cognitive abilities. Specifically, they should adhere to the CARU Self-Regulatory Guidelines for Children’s Advertising.

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