Your business can safely save tons of money contracting your software development needs with us.  We have over 20 years of experience developing microcomputer software for the entire array of Microsoft Servers and Work Stations.
We accept programming contracts for clients who want customized software almost anywhere in the world. All applications are developed “in our facility”, according to a predefined set of specifications.

Software Development Steps

Preparing a set of “software specifications” require an in-deep analysis of both, the information needs of your clients and end users, and the overall information system structure of your business. Our RAD/JAD Technologies help us to ensure a successful application deployment. There are several determining factors the can contribute to easily understand what a software program is all about, whether or not you need it, and how long will it take to implement it.
Software programs usually have a direct relationship with “information systems”. They can be a stand alone application, or a part of an integrated system. Whatever is the case, programs are developed according to a predefined set of specifications; and, to ensure success you and I must carefully define and study the following:

  • The project proposal.
  • The hardware and software requirements
  • A preliminary system design
  • A preliminary cost-benefit analysis
  • The source code specifications
  • An indeep analysis of the methodologies to accomplish all requirements
  • The hardware and software selection
  • A prototyping
  • The development and implementation
  • Any necessary training to users and administrators
  • Any possible after-sale maintenance
  • The maintenance of existing systems
  • The integrating systems
  • Any future consultant-client relationship

Factors to Determine

We develop useful software systems in compliance with:

  • DATA

Developmental Software

Selecting a computer language facilitates program development. The choice of a language is critical, every programming language have different strengths and weaknesses. We develop custom applications for the entire line of Microsoft Windows Servers and Workstations, using the best and latest 2GLs, 3GLs, and 4GLs available in the market. We use all Microsoft Visual Studio Professional platforms.

Programming Languages Supported

We support the following programming Languages: Basic, SuperBASIC, PowerBASIC, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .Net, MapBasic, C/C++/C#, Database Management Languages, (DBMS), (xBASE), Clipper, FoxPro/Visual FoxPro, MS-Access/VBA, SyBase, MS-SQL (T-SQL), MySQL, and any SQL compatible language (ex: SQLite, CompactSQL).
We can also program and design “Internet Applications” using “sockets” and develop/deploy Websites for both the Internet and the Intranet using HTML/HTML5, DHTML/XHTML, ASP/ASP.NET, VBScripts, JScripts, JavaScripts, using ADO, DAO, and ODBC connectivity modules and interfaces. Depending on each individual case, we will delivery the finished product as a source code, as a script file, or as an auto-executable file; tested and documented.

Key Benefits

  • Fast, compact code.
  • Commented source code.
  • Properly tested and documented.


Our fees are negotiable based on the following different criterias:

  • Platform,
  • Frequency ,
  • Expertise Required,
  • Accessibility; and,
  • Deadline.

To learn more about estimates, and fees and other terms, please visit: