Display a user’s ACL access permissions for a file. Output from PERMS may be misleading in cases where a user has inherited permission through membership of an NT workgroup. [First released in the NT4 Resource Kit]

PERMS [account] [path] options
Key account : username or [domain|computer]username

path : name of a file or folder in any legal format
including UNC names
Wildcards are permitted.

/i : interactively logged on to the computer
where the path resides.
(rather than being connected via the network)

/s : include subfolders

Access Description

R Read file/folder.

W Write file/folder.

X Execute file.

D Delete file or folder. May be inherited from the parent folder
via &qt;&qt;Delete Subfolder and Files&qt;&qt; permission.

P Change Permission.

O Take Ownership.

A General All

– No Access

* The specified user is the owner of the file or folder.

# A group the user is a member of owns the file or folder.

? Permisssions cannot be determined.