Save more money by subscribing to our Office Productivity Pack Distribution Service.

DAPROSE Office Productivity Pack Distribution Service

Here is a program where you can save thousands of dollars from day one! Subscribe to our “Office Productivity Pack Distribution Service” and receive all of our software products, -current and future products-, during the term of your subscription. Each product will be accompanied with it’s own registration key, for unlimited usage. FREE Updates. FREE Upgrades, even to newer or higher versions. FREE Unlimited Tech Support Issues via our DAPROSE Support Ticketing System. FREE Unlimited Tech Support Issues. FREE User Supported Forums.

  • 1 Year Subscription Service only $495.00[nicepaypallite name=”DAPROSE Office Productivity Pack – 1 Year Subscription” amount=”495.00″]
  • 2 Year Subscription Service only $695.00[nicepaypallite name=”DAPROSE Office Productivity Pack – 2 Year Subscription” amount=”695.00″]
  • 5 Year Subscription Service only $995.00[nicepaypallite name=”DAPROSE Office Productivity Pack – 5 Year Subscription” amount=”995.00″]

Applications currently offerred by this service:

  1. AutoMailer for Windows. Reg price: $299.95
  2. BulkMailer for Windows Reg price: $299.95
  3. Tarantula for Windows Reg price: $999.95
  4. EasyVisitor Live Edition for Windows Reg price: $499.95
  5. HackerTracker for Windows Desktops Reg price: $299.95
  6. QuickBackup for Windows Reg price: $299.95
  7. Intrussion Detection System for Windows Servers Reg price: $299.95
  8. EmailExtractor for Windows Reg price: $29.95
  9. EmailFixer for Windows Reg price: $99.95
  10. Uniquer for Windows Reg price: $29.95

Terms of service:

  • This service includes software programs belonging to DAPROSE only.  It does not cover software distributed by us for other companies, nor it include any type of data products or services other than our unlimited tech support for each product in the program.
  • Products can be added or discontinued at anytime without any type of announcement nor approval or consent from your part. You will automatically receive proper notifications for downloading any new product update or upgrade.
  • No refunds nor transfer of any rights are allowed for this type of service. If you wish to cancel your subscription before it expires, you will be charged for each item at the regular sale price; and most likely, you will end up owing us the remaining balance. To avoid any additional charges, please allow for your membership to expire according to the original terms of your membership.
  • Upgrades/updates will be offered for download via email only. Please keep your email information in your personal profile always current.
  • Registration keys for each program are for one computer system only, one user only.
  • We always try and attempt to improve our products and services. Policies, rules, regulations, restrictions, upgrades and updates can be changed or be performed at our convenience or decision only, without being required any type of prior consent or notification from your part.  We do listen to your suggestions and requests posted in our forums or sent via our Technical Support Center or via email, but we do not guaranty nor provide any type of warranty that we will take the approach suggested by you, our customer. However, we will certainly study each proposal with special care and attention.