NETLOGO is a complete social network application written in classic ASP, for the entire array of Microsoft IIS Servers and Microsoft SQL Servers
DAPROSE NETLOGO is a Full Service Social Network Application that allows the interaction of a social structure made up of individuals or organizations called “nodes”, which are tied up (connected) one another by one or more specific types of interdependency such as: friendship, kinship, common interest, financial exchange, dislike, sexual relationships, or relationships of beliefs, knowledge, experience, expertise, work, hobbies, or prestige.
DAPROSE NETLOGO for Windows can be easily adapted to any natural language, like: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and many others.
Distributed as “a source code”, or as “an online application”, DAPROSE NETLOGO for Windows is a complete “Social Network Application” (SNA) written in classic ASP, ASP.NET, (VBScript, JScript, JavaScripts), and T-SQL native code. Targeted for the entire line of Microsoft Internet Information Servers, (MS-IIS Servers), and any version of the MS-SQL Server.

Can NETLOGO be adapted to your needs?

Yes, NETLOGO for Windows is available as a source code package ready to install.  It can be configure and modified on your own IIS Server at your convenience. We can also create a space in our Web server for you or your company, using your own domain name or your company’s name. Example: or


  • IP Guardian and blocker system by IP, Country, and THOR Servers
  • IP Active List. It tells you who is online at any moment.
  • Usage Statistics: daily, monthly, yearly
  • New registration and validation system
  • Automatic and manual login systems
  • Facebook Login
  • User Profiles
  • User Walls. Friends Messaging System.
  • Blogs. Independante user blogs with independant RSS feeders.
  • Photo Gallery
  • File Gallery
  • Friends List
  • Friends Invitation Modules
  • Voice and Text Chat Systems
  • New user’s Assistant
  • Search Engine
  • XML-RPC Server
  • Individual User RSS Feeders
  • Global System RSS Feeder
  • Unlimited World Press RSS Readers/Viewers
  • Administration module
  • Global Subscriber List
  • User Subscriber List
  • Full featured Comments System for Messages and Blogs
  • Like/Unlike feature for each post
  • Public and private messaging
  • Post Notification System
  • Message Broadcasting System
  • User selectable menu system templates
  • Three Internet Radio Station Listeners
  • Four Internet TV/Video Stream Viewers
  • and more …

Usage License Fees

For Web Hosting Firms and Web Developers Only

  • NETLOGO as an online application, first time installation, only $1,995 USD plus $99 USD per year.
  • NETLOGO as a modifiable source code without distribution rights, $4,995.00 plus $99 USD per year.
  • NETLOGO as a modifiable source code with full distribution rights, $9,995.00 plus $99 USD per year.

Note: Hosting service fees are separately charged by each selected Hosting Service, (usually from $20-$90/month)
For more information, please write to:
NETLOGO can be adapted to any type of organization, (for profit or non-profit).