The DAPROSE.NET Membership is for all “DAPROSE.NET Webmasters” only. It allows you to create, change and grow your own website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This membership is made and tailored to your needs. One membership per website created.

If we calculate only $1 per month for the first year. $2 a month for the second year, and so on until you reach the regular payment of $9.95 a month. It would take you about 10 years to level up your monthly fee to the right level. It is enough time to form a clientele and grow your business as you really deserve it. The opportunity is right here, right now.

This is our way of inviting you and welcoming you to be part of this project. In fact, this is how we provide you with an adequate environment to start and grow your business without burdening yourself with payments that hang you from the neck from the beginning.

More than a payment, -in reality-, this is a donation that you make for the subsistence of this project. This project is a non-profit. DAPROSE.NET is a community supported project, an incubator for new entrepreneurs of all kinds. Your donation only helps us to keep the systems afloat, the donation is made annually. In this case, it is $12 per year plus PayPal charges to carry out the payment transaction, the total is: $12.95 for the first year.

If you are ready to support this project, just click on the following link and make your donation to start creating your website today!


Once the donation has been made, we will send you via email the necessary information to enter your account where you can create your website immediately. If you need prompt attention, just write to us at: or call us by phone at +17137147852