DAPROSE IIS Log File Analyzer is a Windows Server Application that audits and monitors your Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS server) log files in real time. It provides out-of-the-box reports about your IIS Web Server Logs to make hacker’s auditing a lot faster and easier.

This software solution runs only on Microsoft Windows Servers 2003/2008/2012/2016 and 2019 64bit or newer edition; It also runs on Windows Vista/7/8/10 Professional Editions.  The primary embedded sites report shows you the list of websites running in your server, listed by IIS Host ID number, (001-999); the current size of the corresponding and current Log file, the number of registered requests (HITS) procssed until now; and the number of registered posts (POSTS).

The current maximum number of main domains reported is 999, but it can be easyly increased to report as many as required. We can increase this number any time as per customer’s request.

Requests (Hits) and posts by IP are presented on the main screen as well so you can track down who is attacking your server and how many times they have done it so far.

All columns can be arranged (sorted) in ascending or descending order allowing you to find which IP is using more IIS resources than others. You will be searching for the highest numbers. For example: ANy IP posting more than 5 times is something to check (investigate) about.

Click on any IP you wish to block or just investigate who is behind it. Two things will happen when you click on any IP:

  1. The selected IP is copied to your clip board so you can Open the IIS Manager and paste it (add it) to the DENY LIST of the “IP Address and Domain Restriction” Module.
  2. A WhoisByIP site is open in your Firefox browser with more detailed information on the IP selected.  (This feature will only work if you have Firefox installed on your server or computer.

A complete list of IP4s and IP3s is provided for both Hits and Posts. There you can track down how many IPs are being used by the same hacker.

The bottom line is being able to track, identify and block hackers as the come. An experienced Network Administrator would be able to use this tool in many other ways than it is explained in this article.

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