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KBR, Inc. and Houston Fire Fighters Foundation Present HFD with Major Equipment Donation

Media Release

Houston Fire Department



DATE: May 3, 2016 11:42:21 AM CDT

The Houston Fire Department (HFD), KBR, Inc. and the Houston Fire Fighters Foundation (HFFF) will hold a joint press conference on Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. in Fire Station 8, 1919 Louisiana in Downtown Houston to announce a major contribution to the Houston Fire Department.  A brief demonstration of the equipment will also be given by the HFD.

KBR, Inc. made a $100 thousand donation through the HFFF to purchase of new and innovative safety equipment. This new equipment, which includes stationary and osculating Blitzfire nozzles, is designed to assist firefighters in aggressive fire attacks, thereby allowing firefighters to remove themselves from harm’s way.

“This equipment is not only vital to the safety of our members, by placing them out of the immediate hazard zone, but also helps us to better protect the citizens and their property,” said Interim Fire Chief Rodney West. “We are extremely grateful for KBR and the Houston Fire Fighters Foundation’s continued support.”

Twenty-one Blitzfire nozzles have been placed on the fire engines that did not have this equipment.  The cost was $2,880.00 each for each piece of equipment. Ten osculating blitz nozzles were placed on the fire engines that serve the port and industry areas – each costing some $3,575.00 bringing the total to 31 pieces of equipment.

“KBR is pleased to build upon our longstanding relationship with and support for the City of Houston and Houston Fire Department. At KBR, we believe that Zero Harm is achievable and that is also our goal for Houston firefighters with the help of these new tools.  We are immensely grateful to our firefighters and all first responders for their essential service to our community,” said Stuart Bradie, President and CEO of KBR, Inc.
This purchase of this donated equipment was made possible through the efforts of the HFFF. The foundation is a non-profit organization that raises funds to purchase much-need for the Houston Fire Department.

“The Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston exist to help the brave men and women of the Houston Fire Department by providing life-saving equipment.  Since its inception some seven years ago, the foundation has raised the funds necessary to purchase many pieces of equipment that has not only helped to save fire fighters lives but citizens as well.  We are truly thankful to KBR for this generous donation that has helped us continue these efforts,” Lee Vela, chairman, Houston Fire Fighters Foundation, said.

Through KBR Inc. ‘s  and the HFFF’s continued support other much needed equipment has been provided to the Houston fire Department and citizens of Houston, as well as support of community outreach programs.

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