Update on HFD air conditioning repairs

Fleet Management Department update on Houston Fire Department air conditioning repairs
HOUSTON – “The Fleet Management Department was notified today that in appreciation for the extra effort and long hours of work being performed by the employees working on fire-fighting equipment, that the HPFF Union provided them lunch. The City is appreciative of the hard work that these, and all department employees, contribute towards providing the critical equipment support required of all of the operating departments.

In follow-up to reports of fire-fighting apparatus being without air conditioning, the department and outside vendors have diagnosed each unit and found the following results:

__6__ units are functioning as designed

__2__ units are working but not to standard

_ 14 units are in-process of being repaired

FMD is working closely with the HFD to address claims of faulty equipment and is committed to ensuring the vehicle safety and operability of all City of Houston department vehicles.

We appreciate the acknowledgement of the hard work performed by the employees of the Fleet Management Department. Our personnel are working tirelessly to complete repairs on our fire trucks to ensure our firefighters are working with the best possible equipment.

This acknowledgement and the Mayor’s approval of funding for air conditioning maintenance is an example of what we can do when we work together for the citizens of Houston.”

Victor Ayres
Fleet Management Department

Marchelle Cain
Deputy Assistant Director
Fleet Management Department

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