Mayor to attend Congresswoman Jackson Lee’s news conference

Mayor Turner to attend Congresswoman Jackson Lee’s news conference to discuss potential ICE deportations
Mayor Turner will address reports of pending Homeland Security and Immigration and Custom Enforcement raids on immigrant families in Houston and other major cities.
The raids have been postponed for two weeks, but the mayor will address questions and concerns raised by the community.

12:45 p.m.
TODAY, Sunday, June 23
Office of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee in the Heights
420 West 19th Street, 77008
Alan Bernstein
Director of Communications
Office: 832.393.0800
Mobile: 832.943.9835
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Mary Benton
Deputy Director of Communications / Press Secretary
Office: 832.393.0830
Mobile: 713.208.6229
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Tejal Patel
Deputy Press Secretary
Office: 832.393.0808
Mobile: 832.459.9706
Tejal.Patel ( (

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