HFD air conditioning being addressed by COH Fleet Management Department

Fleet Management employees working nights and weekends to repair Houston Fire air conditioning
HOUSTON – With the 100+ degree temperatures that the City is currently experiencing, the Fleet Management Department (FMD) is seeing increased calls for air conditioning service and repair to the entire on-road fleet of City vehicles and equipment. Our Technicians place a high priority towards ensuring that the firefighters, and all City employees, are operating in equipment that is safe and reliable.

It has been reported that there are pumpers and ladders in HFD operating with air conditioning systems that are not working or working insufficiently. Of the 126 units stationed across our fire stations, 22 units are currently in service but in need of A/C repair. This represents roughly 17% of the HFD frontline units.

The FMD is working evenings and weekends, along with our private sector partners, to ensure that equipment is inspected, diagnosed and repaired as quickly as possible. Repair times for large apparatus such as pumper and ladder trucks are dependent on the condition of the A/C system, parts availability and the reason for the failure.

Long term, the City has implemented a greatly needed equipment replacement schedule for much of the aged equipment. In the interim to the normalization of fleet replacements, the department is utilizing all available resources to address fleet related issues that affect the men and women of the Houston Fire Department and all City employees.

Additional information:
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