Heart Attack Survivor Reunion with HFD

Heart Attack Survivor Reunion with HFD
“Not yet!” – HFD gave him a second chance says heart attack
survivor, Ed Lee, Jr.
Heart attack survivor reunion
Today, June 13, 2019 at 1 p.m.
Fire Station 68 – 8602 Bissonnet, 77074
Last month, Ed Lee offered to watch his nephew Joshua, while his cousin attended an awards banquet. Judge Maria T. Jackson was receiving the prestigious Justice Award by the Houston Lawyers Association.

Ed and Joshua were playing basketball with another family friend when suddenly Ed felt short of breath and felt a heavy pressure on his chest. He walked inside the home and tried to remain calm – to avoid frightening his young nephew. Realizing this was serious, Ed asked his friend Fabian Luna to call 9-1-1.

Within minutes, HFD EMTs arrived from Ladder 68-C and Ambulance 73-C. They assessed Ed and administered oxygen until paramedics from Medic 60-C arrived, just a few minutes later. The paramedics determined he was having a heart attack! Their EKG confirmed it and they provided advanced treatment and transported him to an appropriate hospital.

A few days after his recovery, Mr. Lee reached out to HFD. He said, “The HFD crew was very professional and caring. They reassured and calmed me, despite the fact that I was having a heart attack! The firefighters told me — I was going to be OK.”

Mr. Ed Lee wants to thank the Houston Fire Department for their professionalism and says he prays for their courageous jobs. The Lee family including Joshua along with his nephew are visiting the firefighters that responded to his 9-1-1 call. “They kept me going and I thank them for giving me a second chance.” and says his new motto is “NOT YET!”

*Honorable Judge Maria Jackson will attend if her schedule allows.

* 9-1-1 Caller – Fabian Luna
* HFD EMS 9-1-1 Telecommunicator: Alexander Jaimes
* E 68 EMTs: Capt. Christopher Sillman; E/O Christopher Grimes; FF Timothy Rodriguez; FF Ryan Green
* A 073 EMTs: E/O Caesan Simmons; FF Ricardo Garcia Meza
* M 60 Paramedics: E/O Adrian Martinez; FF Nicholas Garza

Diana Rodriguez – HFD EMS

** (www.houstontx.gov/fire)
** (https://twitter.com/houstonfire)
** (www.facebook.com/HoustonFireDept)

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