Execute a command

exec [-cl] [-a name] [command [arguments]]

-l Place a dash at the beginning of the zeroth arg passed to command.
(This is what the login program does.)
-c Causes command to be executed with an empty environment.
-a The shell passes name as the zeroth argument to command.
If command is supplied, it replaces the shell without creating a new process. If no command is specified, redirections may be used to affect the current shell environment.

If there are no redirection errors, the return status is zero; otherwise the return status is non-zero.

exec is a BOURNE shell command and a POSIX &qt;special&qt;&qt; builtin

To execute a shell script from the command line, prefix the script&qt;&qt;s name with ./
You may be tempted to fix this by adding &qt;&qt;.&qt;&qt; to your $PATH but this is widely considered to be a bad idea (for security reasons).
If you want to execute something in the current directory, just type the "./" in front of the command name.