registration-chsguru1Let the world find you!
Register your domain name (Web site) at over 150 search engines in the world!
We use our proprietary XML-RPC client-server system to ping/submit your Web site information to the most important search engines and blog registration systems in the world.
Once we ping all XML-RPC servers in our list, they will queue a visit to your Web site to be crawled and add your Web’s most significant information to their search engines at a later date/time. The XML-RPC servers will capture and register all of your web site contents which ultimately means that your information will be available to others all over the world.

We comply with the latest XML-RPC v.2.0 specification

Optionally, we can also track changes and submit changes to news, announcements, and blogs-oriented websites all over the world.
The XML-RPC technology launched in late 1999 when XML-RPC was quite young and there weren’t many web-Blogs. Today, the XML-RPC technology is widely deployed and the XML-RPC community has grown from a few hundred sites to many millions. In fact, all of the new WorldPress, Drupal, NETLOGO, and most others Web site and Content Management Systems (CMS applications), use the XML-RPC technology.   WordPress alone, which relays in this technology, has already reported over 65 million users of this technology. See more at:
Don’t be left out of this new technology. We can accommodate any type of Web site to use our XML-RPC technology to your own advantage.  Order this service today!
Select this item “once” for each domain name you wish to register.
Some restrictions apply:
1) All submissions will take place on or before the next 7 business days.
2) No refunds are offered for this service. Even in the situation where a customer wishes to stop the submissions for any reason. We must produce a custom XML-RPC submission program for each submission, and that is the reason we can not refund any moneys, sorry.
3) We can not guarantee a 100% success, but it will reach an average of 85 to 95% rate on successfull delivery as some Web sites may be temporarily down, busy, on temporary maintenance, or have some type of technical difficulty. We do however guarantee at least 2 more submissions (one or two days apart, not the same day) to all of the sites that have not succeeded in the first or second attempt.  After the third try, we both will consider the service concluded despite of any unsuccessful submissions.
We suggest that you repeat this type of submissions for each Web site you own at least 3 or 4 times per year.