Our new Bulk Mailer III is a Windows based application designed to deliver your “text” based, electronic newsletter, via any SMTP server in the world. At the same time, it will help you to comply with the CAN SPAM ACT, and all Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations. Including your own ISP demands.
Bulk Mailer III has all the functionality of its predecessor, -the Bulk Mailer II-; plus, a bunch of new new features to minimize errors, to increase effectiveness of delivery, and to comply with the CAN SPAM ACT and all FTC regulations.
This Bulk Mailer, version III, features:

  • An enhanced delivery engine. This is the third generation of our bulk mailer engine, tested and improved in the real world for over 15 years
  • Greatly improved delivery process to maximize results
  • An improved email checker/blocker for quick validation
  • Fast, powerful, and reliable
  • It now uses a global “Internet Name” list for allowed “Internet Names” (Ex: .com, .net, .org, etc.). Just add or remove names from the list to send or block any delivery to a complete “Internet Name”.
  • It uses an “Invalid (NO SEND) Domain List” as required by the FTC, (Ex: @bad-domain.com). It includes over 2,400 no-send-domains as regulated by the FTC.
  • It uses an “Unsubscribe or Remove List” as required by the FTC and the CAN SPAM ACT (Ex: bad_name@bad_domain_name.com)
  • It works with most SMTP servers in the world, both secured and unsecured
  • It runs on all Windows Servers and Workstations
  • It parses a Simple Macro Definition Language, (SMDL), (Ex: [:DATE:]) helpful for message personalization. (Ex: Dear [:USERID:], more ..)
  • It includes a SMTP Error Recovery Synchronizer (SERS)
  • It includes a Magnifying Glass “Mini-Editor” for Message Editing
  • All settings are remembered for future or continuous use
  • Bulk Mailer capable up to 99 BCC:
  • Powerful embedded Email Checker/Verifier. Pre-detects mal-formed and invalid e-mails
  • SMTP SSL ready for secure SMTP connections if needed
  • Progress Bars and Record Counters for delivery progress and user supervision
  • It creates a Log file for delivery error reporting
  • VCR Style control panel for easy user interaction.
  • File attachments ready
  • Plain ASCII text messages for global distribution. (It does not send HTML messages). We have discontinued using HTML messages as a large percentage of readers (e-mail recipients) do not allow HTML messages due to potential harmful JavaScript code embedded in HTML messages. This ensures virus free messages and 100% readability
  • Save buttons for the Verified Email List and the Message Body
  • Reset buttons for the Verified Email List and the Message Body
  • File dialogs ready for the Send Email List and the Message Body
  • Free version updates/upgrades distributed via e-mail

Need more information? Please contact support@daprose.net
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